Game Day Presentation


Music and sports have gone together from the very beginning, from the mighty organs of Wrigley Field and Madison Square Garden to the marching bands at college football games. Today a wider variety of music is used during sporting events, as entertainment prior to the game, in between innings, to tell a story, set a mood and excite the crowd or to rejoice in celebration for the winning goal.

If you are responsible for entertaining fans, Game Day Presentation is your music source. We specialize in the use of music for sporting events. We're a record pool. Working with the major record labels we will ensure you have the most up-to-date music for your game day entertainment needs.

And, it doesn't end with the music. Your membership means additional promotions and promotional materials that can easily become a sponsored event.

We also catalog music for specific situational use - a crucial third and one, a touchdown or a goal - or call-response use - a hooking or holding call - reducing the amount of time you have to spend searching for and reviewing new music. We'll make sure you have the right music for every situation. You'll have the ability to quickly reference your catalog - the right song will be at your fingertips.

And just as important, we will bring Arena and Game Day DJs together to share ideas on the use of music to more effectively entertain your audience each game.

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